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We proudly empower and elevate the community we serve.

Our organization is 100% by trans for trans. Our leaders come from all different walks and experiences in life that have led them to serving our community in beautiful ways.



Our core group of founding members come from all different parts of the world with the same goal of living their lives with the truth and happiness they deserve.


One night, Colton, the Executive Director, met Arianna, a founding board member, off an online app and learned all about her story about immigrating from El Salvador and the various experiences she's faced while in the USA. These stories were beautiful, tragic, all all sorts of emotions.


Later on, both Colton and Cathy, another founding board member, met through being selected as speakers on an AAPI Trans Panel. Despite Cathy living in Hawaii and Colton in DC, the distance couldn't compare to their connection of trans-resilience. 

This was the start of an amazing unity of Trans Leaders looking to change how the community is served and how our needs of Trans+ Health is being met.


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